#510:  Francisco Solano Alviso Adobe

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3459 Foothill Rd, Pleasanton



Private Plaque, plus numerous informational signs about the site


From the Guidebook:

This building, erected in 1844-46 by Francisco Solano Alviso, was the first adobe house to be built in the Pleasanton Valley. It was originally called Alisal-The Sycamores. Following the Battle of Sunol Canyon, General John C. Frémont withdrew to this building, which became his headquarters for several days.

From the sign:

Built in 1854, the Alviso Adobe is one of the few adobe structures remaining in the Bay Area. Declared a California Historic Landmark in 1954, the building stands relatively unmodified since the 1920s. The adobe was in continuous use from 1854 until the Meadowlark Dairy closed in 1969. During the dairy period, workers took their meals in teh kitchen and dining room of this building.

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