#378:  Memorial to Pioneer Odd Fellows

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On State Hwy 88 (P.M. 5.3)



Private Plaque


The plaque is located on a rock, a few yards off of the spur road shown in the map.

From the Guidebook:

On some large rocks near Carson Pass, a group of pioneers inscribed their names and the emblem of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in 1849.

From the plaque:

At this point in August 1849, a group of Odd Fellows nearing their goal, the California gold mines, paused in their struggle up these granite walls to paint on this and adjacent boulders their names and the three links of the Great Order They so dearly loved.

Pioneers of California, Pioneers of the Brotherhood of Man, We Salute You. Your bodies have blended with the dust of the West. Your spirit lives and inspires. Dedicated to their memory, by the Grand Lodge of California, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, May 1941

2009 David Schmitt