#805:  Pony Express Remount Station at Woodfords

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0.1 mi N of intersection of State Hwy 89 and Old Pony Express Rd, Woodfords



Private Plaque



From the Guidebook:

Woodfords became a remount station of the Pony Express on April 4, 1860, when Warren Upson scaled the mountains in a blinding snowstorm and made his way down the eastern slope of the Sierra on his way to Carson City. Five weeks later the Pony Express was rerouted by way of Echo Summit and Luther Pass.

From the plaque:

During the initial five weeks of its operation in 1860, an important remount station of the famous Pony Express was located a few feet from here at Cary’s Barn.

This monument erected by the Historical Society of Alpine County.

National Pony Express Centennial Association; Dwight D. Eisenhower—Chairman, Waddell R. Smith—President, Sherrill Halbert—Director at Large.

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