#1001:  California Native American Ceremonial Roundhouses, Chaw Se' Roundhouse

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Chaw Se Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park, 14881 Pine Grove Volcano Rd, Pine Grove



State Plaque


Plaque and site are located in Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park, which has limited visiting hours. Fee required.

From the Guidebook:

In a village, the roundhouse served as the center of ceremonial and social life. Constructed in 1974, the Chaw se' roundhouse continues this tradition. With its door facing the east, towards the rising sun, four large oaks are the focal point of this sixty foot in diameter structure. Today, ceremonial roundhouses are the most significant architectural manifestation of the continuing Mistook spiritual heritage.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the Sierra Native American Council and the Chaw Se' Association, October 14, 1994.

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