#30:  Lancha Plana

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North shore of Camanche Reservoir, 1 mi W of County Line Bridge on Lancha Plana Buena Vista Rd, 6.0 mi S of Buena Vista

Site: ~38.227820, -120.902984
Plaque: 38.235150, -120.946116


Private Plaque


Photo is looking west at north shore of reservoir from the county line bridge. Directions are very vague about exactly where this was, and it doesn't seem like anything exists any longer. A private plaque commemorating Lancha Plana has been placed at the Camanche Resevoir North Shore Marina.

From the Guidebook:

Lancha Plana (Flat Boat) was well settled by 1850 due to the hydraulic mining operations in the extensive gravel beds along the Mokelumne River. The Amador Dispatch newspaper was born here in 1856. Poverty Bar, Camp Opra, Copper Center, and Put's Bar were 'suburbs' of the larger town.

David Schmitt