#31:  Drytown

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On State Hwy 49 (P.M. 13.7), 0.2 mi N of Drytown






From the Plaque:

Founded 1848. Oldest town and first in which gold was discovered in Amador County. Its venerable town hall and other picturesque structures remain. Was not "dry" as name implies, containing 26 saloons at one time.

Department of Public Works - Division of Highways

From the private plaque:

Rich placer mining, 1850s. Origing of town's name: Lack of water in nearby creek to wash gold. Many Chinese laborers in fields & mines. East gateway to New Chicago, New Philadelphia, Amador City; Quartz mines: Fremont-Gover & Treasure (1867), Bunker Hill (1853); Scene of Rancheria massacre (1855); Dynan monument.

Dedicated 1988 by Amador County Historical Society. Native Daughters of the Golden West, Forrest Parlor No. 86, Plymouth, CA.

David Schmitt