#786:  Argonaut and Kennedy Mines

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Plaque at roadside rest area, State Hwy 49 (P.M. 5.6), 1.6 mi N of Jackson. Site on Kennedy Mine Rd, .5 miles from the 49 at the plaque site

Plaque: 38.364704,-120.787136
Site 1 (Kennedy): 38.367826,-120.780275
Site 2 (Argonaut): 38.362576, -120.786035


State Plaque


Kennedy Mine on gated property. Open on some weekends for tours.

From the Guidebook:

Argonaut Mine, discovered 1850, and Kennedy Mine, discovered 1856, played dramatic roles in the economic development of California, producing $105,268,760 in gold. Kennedy Mine has a vertical shaft of 5,912 feet, the deepest in the United States and changed mining methods in the Mother Lode. The Argonaut was the scene of the Mother Lode's most tragic mine disaster. Forty eight miners were trapped in a fire at the 3,500-foot level on August 27, 1922 - few survived. Both mines closed in 1942.

Plaque placed by the California Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the Amador County Board of Supervisors, the Amador County Chamber of Commerce, and the Amador County Landmark Advisory Committee, February 2, 1968.

David Schmitt