#264:  Double Springs

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On Double Springs Rd, 3.6 mi E of Valley Springs

Private Plaque: 38.213257,-120.773766
State Plaque 1: 38.209492,-120.741962
State Plaque 2: 38.205214,-120.791036




State Plaque



From the state plaque:

Founded February 18, 1850, Double Springs was once the seat of Calaveras County. The old courthouse, said to be constructed of lumber brought from China, is still standing, but not on its original site.

Department of Public Works - Division of Highways

From the private plaque:

First county seat of Calaveras County, Feb. 18, 1850.

Land located in 1847 by Charles L. Peck. Claimed under preemption notice to the Alcalde of San Francisco, recorded Sept. 19, 1850 at Page 69, in record B, 3rd archives of San Francisco. Surveyed and platted as Double Springs Townsite in 1850. FIrst county courthouse of imported Chinese panels, erected 100 feet southwest of the monument. Hon. W. Fowle Smith, first county judge and L.A. Collier, first county clerk.

Erected by Calaveras County Chamber of Commerce, June 8, 1950.

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