#511:  Vicente Martinez Adobe

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Alhambra Ave and Hwy 4, Martinez

Plaque: 37.992107,-122.130906
Site: 37.991167,-122.133623




State Plaque


The site is located on the John Muir Historic Site, and has limited access hours. Access to plaque not restricted.

From the Guidebook:

In 1849 Vicente J. Martinez built this adobe on Rancho Pinole, which had been granted to Ignacio Martinez in 1836. In 1853, Vicente sold the adobe to Edward Franklin, after whom the canyon in which the adobe was located was named, and the adobe was known as the Franklin Canyon Adobe.

From the plaque:

In 1849, Vicente Martinez built a two-story adobe ranch house on his portion of the Rancho Pinole. This land was inherited from his father, Don Ignacio Martinez, a Spanish officer who became Comandante of the San Francisco Presidio and later Alcade of San Francisco. In 1966 the National Park Service acquired the adobe and it is now open to the public.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the National Park Service, Joaquin Murrieta Chapter No. 13, E Clampus Vitus and in honor of Louis L. Stein, Jr. July 23, 1983

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