#728:  Friday's Station - Overland Pony Express Route in California

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Stateline, Hwy 50





Private Plaque


The statue and plaques are actually located in Nevada, a few hundred feet over the state line.

From the Guidebook:

At this point the riders of the Central Overland Pony Express crossed the Nevada-California line. Three-quarters of a mile east of here, at Edgewood in Nevada, are the remains of the most easterly remount station of the California Division of the Pony Express. Established about 1858 by Friday Burke and James Small as a stage station on the Placerville-Carson City Road, it became the home station of pony rider Bob Haslam until October 26, 1861 when the Pony Express was succeeded by the Transcontinental Telegraph.

From the plaque:

In commemoration of the Pony Express. A fleeting but exciting epoch in the winning of the west.

Erected April 4th, 1963 by Harrah's. William F. Harrah, President.

The 1st Pony Express rider passed here April 4th 1860 on his way to Friday's Station remount point 4/10ths of a mile northeast at Edgewood, Nevada.

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