#873:  Site of the Fresno Free Speech Fight of the Industrial Workers of the World

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In planter, 100 ft SW of clock tower, Mariposa and Fulton Mall, Fresno





State Plaque


You have to walk into the mall to find the plaque.

From the Guidebook:

At the corner of Mariposa and I Streets, from October 1910 to March 1911, the Industrial Workers of the World fought for the right of free speech in their efforts to organize Fresno's unskilled labor force. This was the first fight for free speech in California, and the first attempt to organize the valley's unskilled workers.

Plaque Placed by the California Department of Parks and Recreation In Cooperation with Fresno Parlor #25 N.S.G.W. October 18 1974

2009 David Schmitt