#182:  Tumco Mines

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Gold Rock Ranch Rd, 1.0 mi E of Ogilby Rd, 9.0 mi N of I-8

Plaque: 32.881791,-114.862175
Site: ~32.881092,-114.832461




State Plaque


The site is as described above. The plaque is located at an RV park on Gold Rock Ranch Rd, 1 mi W of Ogilby Rd.

From the plaque:

Pete Walters of Ogilby discovered the first gold vein at Gold Rock on January 6, 1884. From his Little Mary Claim began a gold camp which reached its peak development between 1893 and 1899 as Hedges, with 3,200 residents. Nearly closed, 1900-10, it was reopened as Tumco, 1910-13, and worked intermittently until 1941. Tumco has long been a California ghost town.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with Imperial Valley Pioneers Historical Society and Squibob Chapter, E Clampus Vitus. October 19, 1985.

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