Imperial County has 15 landmarks, and I have visited 15.

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On the map, the markers are:

= I have visited the landmark

= I photographed the landmark

= I haven't been there yet



182 Tumco Mines



939 Twentieth Century Folk Art Environments
  193 Picacho Mines  


    (Thematic) - Desert Tower
  194 Mountain Springs Station  


939 Twentieth Century Folk Art Environments
  350 Mission De La Purisima Concepcion (Site Of)  


    (Thematic) - Charley's World of Lost Art
  568 Hernando De Alarcon Expedition  


944 Site of Fort Romulado Pacheco
  806 Fort Yuma  


985 Desert Training Center, California-Arizona
  808 Camp Salvation  


    Maneuver Area - Camp Pilot Knob
  845 Plank Road  


1008 Yuha Well
  921 Site of Mission San Pedro Y San Pablo De Bicuner  


1034 Tecolote Rancho

2009 David Schmitt