#826:  Old Stovepipe Wells

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From State Hwy 190 (P.M. 92.1) go N 2.8 mi on (unpaved) Sand Dunes Access Rd, 6.1 mi E of Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley National Monument





State Plaque



From the plaque:

This waterhole, the only one in the sand dune area of Death Valley, was at the junction of the two Indian trails. During the bonanza days of Rhyolite and Skidoo, it was the only known water source on the cross-valley road. When sand obscured the spot, a length of stovepipe was inserted as a marker, hence its unique name.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the National Park Service and the Death Valley '49ers Inc. November 10, 1968.

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