#133:  Sebastian Indian Reservation

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NE corner of Grapevine Rd and Rose Station St, Grapevine





Private Plaque



From the plaque:

The Sebastian or Tejon Indian Reservation (headquarters 10 miles east of here) was established in 1853 by Gen. Edward Fitzgerald Beale as one of several California Reservations. The number of Indians quartered here varied from 500 to 2000. General Beale acquired title to this area under Mexican Land Grant of 1843. In 1864 the U.S. Government transferred the Indians to other reservations.

Dedicated Nov. 12, 1937 Bakersfield Parlor Number 42, N.S.G.W., El Tajon Parlor Number 239, N.D.G.W., Kern County Historical Society, Kern County Chamber of Commerce, Kern County Museum

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