#290:  Discovery Well of the Kern River Oilfield

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Round Mountain Rd, 0.7 mi E of China Grade Loop, 7 mi NE of Bakersfield





Private Plaque


OHP website says to call (661) 392-2200 for an appointment to view the site and plaque, but the plaque is visible from the road.

From the plaque:

Oil was discovered at 70 feet in 1899, when Tom Means persuaded Roe Elwood and Frank Wiseman, aided by Jonathan, Bert, Jed, and Ken Elwood, George Wiseman, and John Marlowe, to dig here for oil. On June 1, 1899, 400 feet to the north, Horace and Milton McWhorter drilled this region's first commercial well.

Dedicated April 7, 1940 Bakersfield Parlor No.43 N.S.G.W., El Tejon Parlor No.239 N.D.G.W., Kern County Historical Society, Kern County Chamber of Commerce. Department of Natural Resources Reg. No. 290. State of California.

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