#498:  McKittrick Brea Pit

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SW corner of intersection of State Hwy 33 (P.M. 33. 5) and State Hwy 58 (P.M. 15.4), 0.5 mi S of McKittrick





Private Plaque



From the plaque:

Located one-eighth mile west of here is an ancient asphaltum seepage in which hundreds of Pleistocene Age (15,000-50,000 years ago) birds and animals were trapped. The site was first explored in 1928 by the University of California - excavation was completed in 1949 by the Los Angeles and Kern County museums.

Marker placed by Kern County Historical Society, Miocene Parlor No. 228 N.D.G.W., El Tejon Parlor No. 238 N.D.G.W., and Kern County Museum. Dedicated June 29, 1952.

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