#99:  Walker's Pass

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At summit on State Hwy 178 (P.M. 79.8), 8.4 mi NW of Freeman Jct (State Hwy 14)





Private Plaque



From the plaque:

Discovered by Joseph R. Walker, American trail-blazer, who left the San Joaquin Valley through this pass in 1834. This area was traversed by topographer Edward M. Kern, after whom the Kern River was named, while accompanying the Frémont expedition of 1845. After 1860 it became a mining freight route to Owens Valley.

Dedicated April 25, 1937. Marker placed by Bakersfield Parlor No 42, N.S.G.W., El Tejon Parlor No 239 N.S.G.W., Kern County Chamber of Commerce.

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