#1006:  Beale's Cut Stagecoach Pass

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Intersection of Sierra Hwy and Clampitt Rd, Santa Clarita

Plaque: 34.3422,-118.509378
Site: 34.344969,-118.508283




No Plaque, but as of 12/2012, there were indications that multiple plaques had been removed from the site


In 12/2012, a chain link fence exists at the beginning of the canyon. Going around the fence, a trail exists which takes you a few hundred yards up the canyon to the site. It is not visible from the road.

From the Guidebook:

Beale's Cut is the only physical and cultural feature of its kind in the entire Los Angeles Basin. At the time of its construction in 1862, the actual creation and maintenance of the Cut was considered a significant technological and physical feat consisting of breaching the former impassable geographic barrier of the San Gabriel and Santa Susana Mountain ranges. General Edward F. Beale is attributed with the construction of a toll road across the mountains. Beale's Cut was also used as a favorite film-making location by pioneer film maker, David Wark Griffith, and others.

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