#158:  Mission San Gabriel Arcangel

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428 S Mission Dr, San Gabriel





Private Plaque



From the Guidebook:

The mission was founded September 8, 1771 by Padres Pedro Benito Cambon and Angel Fernández de la Somera. The present church building was begun during the latter part of the 18th century and completed in the year 1800.

From a plaque:

Founded September 8, 1771. This marks the oldest building in Southern California of brick, stone and mortar. Built 1791-1805, completed and dedicated.

This tablet was erected by the Alhambra-San Gabriel chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, August 26, 1968

From a plaque:

Queen of the Missions which brought Christianity and civilization to California at the time of the American Revolution. U.S.A. Bicentennial 1776-1976.

California State Society Daughters of the American Colonists

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