#522:  Serra Springs

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"University High School Horticulture Area", 11800 Texas Ave, Los Angeles





Private Plaque


The guidebook directions are above, but the school is completely fenced in. There is now a museum for this site which allows visitors during brief operating hours. The entrance to the museum is on Barrington, towards the back of the school.

From the Guidebook:

The Portolá Expedition of 1769 encamped at this spring, and it is reported that in 1770 Father Serra said Mass here to the Indians of this area. This spring was also the former water supply of the town of Santa Monica. The site is now the campus of the University High School.

From the First Plaque:

Wounded Deer Springs

A village site of the Tongva Indians who enjoyed the waters and participated in ritual games here as the original inhabitants of this area.

Dedicated in their memory on October 27, 1979 by the University Hight School "Warriors".

From the Second Plaque:

The National Society
Sons of the American Colonists
California State Society
Los Angeles, John Borton Chapter
Bicentennial Marking 1976

Marked this day March 20 1976, as a California Historical Spanish Colonial Landmark "In 1776 Portola camped at the springs as part of the Rancho San Vicente - Santa Monica known as the 1.Junipero Serra Springs; 2.El Berrendo; 3.San Gregorio; 4.San Vicente Springs. This site is on the El Camino Real route, used by the mission fathers and discovered by the Franciscan missionary priests and by Father Junipero Serra, who liked it's waters. Known by the Indian habitation as 5."Wounded Deer Springs"

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