#874:  Workman Home and Family Cemetery

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15415 E Don Julian Rd, City of Industry

Plaque 1: 34.019974,-117.964937
Plaque 2: 34.018421,-117.96345




State Plaque


There are two plaques for this site - one for the cemetery and one for the home. The cemetery plaque and site are accessible, while the home is gated. Tours are available.

From the Guidebook:

William Workman and John Rowland organized the first wagon train of permanent eastern settlers, which arrived in Southern California on November 5, 1841. Together they owned and developed the 48,790-acre La Puente Rancho. Workman began this adobe home in 1842 and remodeled it in 1872 to resemble a manor house in his native England. He also established 'El Campo Santo,' this region's earliest known private family cemetery, in 1850, the miniature Classic Grecian mausoleum was built in 1919 by grandson Walter P. Temple.

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