#975:  El Monte - First Southern California Settlements by Immigrants from United States

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Santa Fe Trail Historical Park, Valley Blvd and Santa Anita Ave, El Monte





State Plaque


The plaque and historic buildings are located about 3 blocks south of the intersection of Valley and Santa Anita, in Pioneer Park on Santa Anita Ave. The "end of the Santa Fe Trail" bear is located at the intersection listed in the guidebook.

From the Guidebook:

El Monte, on the bank of the San Gabriel River, played a significant part in California's early pioneer history. It was first an encampment on the Old Spanish Trail, an extension of the trail from Missouri to Santa Fe. By the 1850s, some began to call El Monte the 'End of the Santa Fe Trail.' Early in that decade a permanent settlement was established by immigrants from Texas, the first settlement in Southern California founded by citizens of the United States.

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