Los Angeles County has 105 landmarks, and I have visited 105.

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On the map, the markers are:

= I have visited the landmark

= I photographed the landmark

= I haven't been there yet



127 Casa de Governor Pio Pico



681 Paradox Hybrid Walnut Tree
  144 Nuestra Senora La Reina de Los Angeles  


688 Lyons Station Stagecoach Stop
  145 Avila Adobe  


689 Los Encinos State Historic Park
  147 Banning Park  


716 Griffith Ranch
  150 Brand Park (Memory Garden)  


717 The Angeles National Forest
  151 Campo de Cahuenga  


718 Site of the Initial United States Air Meet
  152 Dominguez Ranchhouse  


730 Old Plaza Firehouse
  156 Los Angeles Plaza  


744 The Mirror Building (Site of Butterfield Stage
  157 Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana  



  158 Mission San Gabriel Arcangel  


753 San Fernando Cemetery
  159 Pico House (Hotel)  


789 Site of the Los Angeles Star
  160 Plummer Park and Oldest House in Hollywood  


822 First Jewish Site in Los Angeles
  161 Site of Mission Vieja  


840 Old Santa Monica Forestry Station
  167 La Mesa Battlefield  


871 The Gamble House
  168 Oak of the Golden Dream  


874 Workman Home and Family Cemetery
  169 Drum Barracks  


881 Site of "Port Los Angeles" Long Wharf
  170 Hancock Park La Brea  


887 Pasadena Playhouse
  171 Merced Theatre  


894 S.S. Catalina
  172 Pioneer Oil Refinery  


911 Chatsworth Calera Site
  235 Casa Adobe de San Rafael  


912 Glendora Bougainvillea
  289 First Home of Pomona College  


919 St. Francis Dam Disaster Site
  301 Lugo Adobe (Site of)  


920 Casa de San Pedro
  302 Old Mill  


933 Site of Llano Del Rio Cooperative Colony
  362 Romulo Pico Adobe (Ranchito Romulo)  


934 Temporary Detention Camps for Japanese
  363 Centinela Springs  


    Americans - Santa Anita Assembly Center

  367 E.J. Baldwin's Queen Anne Cottage  


934 Temporary Detention Camps for Japanese
  368 Hugo Reid Adobe  


    Americans - Pomona Assembly Center

  372 Adobe de Palomares  


939 Twentieth Century Folk Art Environments - Old
  373 Old Salt Lake  


    Trapper's Lodge

  380 Site of Home of Diego Sepulveda  


947 "Reform School for Juvenile Offenders" (Fred C.
  381 Site of Old Whaling Station  


    Nelles School)

  383 Site of Adobe Home of Jose Dolores Sepulveda  


960 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
  384 Timms' Point and Landing  


961 Harold Lloyd Estate ("Greenacres")
  385 Rio San Gabriel Battlefield  


963 The Mojave Road
  386 La Casa de Carrion  


965 Point Dume
  451 The Ortega-Vigare Adobe  


966 Adamson House at Malibu Lagoon State Beach
  514 Pomona Water Power Plant  


972 Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Center
  516 Well No. "CSO" 4 (Pico No. 4)  


975 El Monte - First Southern California Settlements


516-2 Mentryville



    by Immigrants from United States

  522 Serra Springs  


978 Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site
  531 Lummis Home  


984 Casa de Rancho San Antonio (Henry Gage Mansion)
  536 Original Building of the University of Southern  


988 Pacific Asia Museum (Grace Nicholson's Treasure



    House of Oriental and Western Art)

  554 Cecil B. DeMille Studio Barn  


990 Christmas Tree Lane
  556 Rancho San Francisco  


993 Watts Towers of Simon Rodia
  567 St. Vincent's Place  


997 Tuna Club of Avalon
  580 Well "Alamitos 1"  


1006 Beale's Cut Stagecoach Pass
  590 Lang  


1011 Frank Lloyd Wright Textile Block House,
  632 "Old Short Cut"  


    Freeman House

  637 Catalina Adobe  


1011 Frank Lloyd Wright Textile Block House,
  646 Grave of George Caralambo, "Greek George"  


    Ennis House

  653 The Cascades  


1014 Long Beach Marine Stadium
  655 Portola Trail Campsite (No. 1)  


1018 Manhattan Beach State Pier
  656 Bella Union Hotel Site  


1021 Liberty Hill
  658 Western Hotel  


1038 Hay Tree
  664 "Heritage House"  


1041 Site of Childhood Home of the Beach Boys
  665 Portola Trail Campsite (No. 2)  


1046 Savannah Memorial Park
  669 Governor Stoneman Adobe, "Los Robles"  



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