#850-2:  Tule Lake Relocation Center

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NE corner of State Hwy 139 and Co Rd 176, Newell





State plaque


Plaque and site are gated and owned by the National Park Service. Tours available.

From the plaque:

Tule Lake was one of ten American concentration camps established during World War II to incarcerate 110,000 persons of Japanese ancestry, of whom the majority were American citizens, behind barbed wire and guard towers without charge, trial, or establishment of guilt. These camps are reminders of how racism, economic and political exploitation, and expediency can undermine the constitutional guarantees of United States citizens and aliens alike. May the injustices and humiliation suffered here never recur.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the Northern California-Western Nevada District Council, Japanese American Citizens League, May 27, 1979.

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