#341:  Bodie

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Bodie State Historic Park, on State Hwy 270, 12.8 mi E of State Hwy 395 (P.M. 69.8), 19.8 mi SE of Bridgeport





State Plaque


Plaque and site are located in Bodie State Historic Park. Access only during operating hours.

From the plaque:

Gold was discovered here in 1859 by Wm. S. Bodey, after whom the town was named. Once the most thriving metropolis of the Mono country. Bodie's mines produced gold valued at more than 100 million dollars. Tough as nails, the “Bad Man from Bodie” still carries his guns and his Bowie knife down through the pages of Western history.

Plaque placed by the California State Park Commission, the Mono County Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Mono County Historical Society. September 12, 1964

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