#1052:  Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds

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Entrance to the Conference Grounds at Asilomar Ave and Sinex Ave. Plaque located in central circle, in front of Social Hall.

36.618955, -121.937996




State Plaque



From the Plaque:

In 1913 the Young Women's Christian Association founded Asilomar as its first permanent conference grounds for the western United States. Constructed during a time of progressive social and political change for women in California and the United States, the YWCA chose architect Julia Morgan to design Asilomar's buildings and grounds. In 1952 a local "Save Asilomar" committee lobbied the YWCA and the state of California to preserve the property. Asilomar became a California State Park on July 1, 1956.

Registered February 7, 2014. Plaque placed by the Native Sons of the Golden West, The California State Parks Foundation, and California State Parks. Dedicated 2014, the 150th anniversary of California state parks.

2009 David Schmitt