#0593 Sutterville


#0593 Sutterville

Site information:

Sutterville Rd, NW of Land Park Dr, Sacramento


Plaque information:

A private plaque exists for the Sutterville Brewery, which was the last building of Sutterville.  It isn't precisely for the town of Sutterville, but there is no other plaque.  Nothing remains of this site, as far a I know.

Plaque text:

Site of a two story brick building built for Robert H. Vance of San Francisco in 1853. One of five brick structures erected that year, it was first occupied as a store. Almost coincident with the founding of Camp Union in 1861, it was taken over by Martin Arenz for a brewery and operated until after 1880. It ended up as a rental hall and was razed in 1952, but for ninety years was called The Sutterville Brewery. It was Sutterville's last remaining building.

Dedicated by the Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus, New Helvetia Chapter No. 5, August 6, 1983.

OHP description:

Sutter laid out a townsite here in 1844, about two miles below the embarcadero. In 1847, George Zins built one of the first brick structures erected in California here.

Registered 5/22/1957