#0657 Grave of Alexander Hamilton Willard


#0657 Grave of Alexander Hamilton Willard

Site information:

On Hood Franklin Rd, near Franklin Blvd, Franklin


Plaque information:

Private plaque

Plaque text:

Alexander Hamilton Willard

Born, Charlestown, N.H. Aug. 24, 1778; Died Franklin, Mar. 6, 1865 Last surviving member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. He kept a journal and gave valuable service as a gunsmith.

State Society Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America 1957

OHP description:

Willard, a native of New Hampshire who died March 6, 1865, was perhaps the last survivor of the exploring party sent out by President Jefferson under Captain Meriwether Lewis to discover the course and sources of the Missouri River.

Registered 9/26/1958