#1047 Allensworth Historic Town Site


#1047 Allensworth Historic Town Site

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4011 Grant Dr, Earlimart CA

The park has limited hours/days for vehicle traffic, but may be accessed by walking when closed.


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State plaque

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Established on August 3, 1908, the town of Allensworth was the vision of Lt. Colonel Allen Allensworth.  Born in 1842, Allensworth escaped slavery during the Civil War and joined the Union Navy.  In 1886, he became the chaplain of the 24th infantry regiment, retiring in 1906 as the highest ranking African American officer in the U.S. Army.

On June 30, 1908, Colonel Allensworth, professor William Payne, Dr. W.H. Peck, Harry Mitchell, adn J.W. Palmer formed the California Colony and Home Promoting Association.  They purchased land at this location to build the town of Allensworth - the only town in California founded, built, governed, and populated entirely by African Americans.

OHP description:

Allensworth was established in 1908, a town financed, founded and governed by African Americans. The town stands as a testament to its founders' vision of self-determination and full human potential for America's black citizens. It continues to be a source of cultural pride and heritage for California's African Americans and is an excellent example of the pioneering spirit that has characterized all of California's people for centuries.

Registered 8/5/2012