#0009 Captain Jack's Stronghold


#0009 Captain Jack's Stronghold

Site information:

Site is in Lava Beds National Monument, 8.3 mi S of Tule Lake.

The site requires a short walk to reach the actual stronghold site. 

41.822163, -121.501492

Plaque information:

Two state plaques

Plaques on Hwy 139, one north and one south of County Rd 120, which leads to the site

41.879677, -121.365778
41.878222, -121.362991

Plaque text:

Captain Jack's Stronghold

From this fortress, Captain Jack and his Indian forces successfully resisted capture by U.S. Army troops from December 1, 1872 to April 18, 1873. Other nearby landmarks of the Modoc Indian war are Canby's Cross, No. 110 and Guillem's Graveyard, No. 13.

Department of Public Works - Division of Highways
Registered 6/1/1932