#0549 Frog Woman Rock


#0549 Frog Woman Rock

Site information:

Approx 6 mi S of Hopland on Hwy 101


Plaque information:

State Plaque

Plaque text:

Ǭawów Má:ta Qhabé


Since time immemorial, this monolith has been revered by Pomo people as the home of Frog Woman, the consort of Coyote, and a special being in her own right.  For native people it is a place of sacred power and a reminder of the connection we still have with our spirituality and natural environment.  The presence of the great rock on the local landscape is a solemn witness that will forever be a local symbol of our indigenous collective conscience, strength, and perseverance.

Place placed by the Tribal Historic Preservation Office of the Hopland Band of Pomo Indians in cooperation with California Department of Transportation, District 1 and California State Parks and Recreation, on March 31, 2023.

OHP description:

Frog Woman Rock is a site associated with the Pomo legend of Frog Woman, the clever and powerful wife of Coyote, who lived near this rock.

Older guidebook description:

This early landmark, also called Lover's Leap, is associated with the purported legend of a 19th-century Sanel Indian maiden, Sotuka. Her faithless lover, Chief Cachow, married another, all three were killed when Sotuka, holding a great stone, jumped from the precipice upon the sleeping pair below.
Registered 1/17/1956