#1062 Donaldson Futuro


#1062 Donaldson Futuro

Site information:

52895 Big Rock Rd, Idyllwild

33.754925, -116.738287

Plaque information:

No plaque yet that I am aware of

OHP description:

The first Futuro to arrive in California, the only Futuro in the state until 2015 and the only Futuro in California to have obtained a building permit for residential occupancy, the Donaldson Futuro is the first serially produced plastic house and the first all-structural glass-reinforced polyester house in California. A notable icon in California space-age architecture, the Futuro was relocated to a remote site north of Idyllwild followed by an extensive 2004-2012 interior restoration. In recognition of owner Milford Wayne Donaldson’s restoration effort and resulting preservation of this fragile resource, which was essential to saving the building and raising the profile of the entire family of similar buildings, the property is identified as the Donaldson Futuro.