#0131 Whiskeytown


#0131 Whiskeytown

Site information:

Intersection of Whiskey Creek Rd and State Hwy 299

Very little remains of this site.  I don't believe the General Store in the photo is original.  There is a National Recreation Site at Whiskeytown Lake which has some infomation about the history.  The townsite is underwater.

~40.634648, -122.561056

Plaque information:

No plaque

OHP description:

Settled by gold miners in 1849, the town was first called Whiskey Creek for the stream on which it was located, but later the name was changed to Whiskeytown. A barrel of whiskey lost off a pack mule christened the stream with the popular drink of that day. The town is inundated by Whiskeytown Reservoir.

Registered 1/31/1934