#0128 Landing Place of Sebastian Vizcaino and Fray Junipero Serra


#0128 Landing Place of Sebastian Vizcaino and Fray Junipero Serra

Site Information:

The landing place is somewhere at Presidio Historic Park, near Artillery and Pacific Sts, Monterey

There are a few monuments dedicated to this landmark.  It seems the Serra statue and monument is likely more realted to this site, but the description in the guidebook I had pointed much more closely to the plaque relating to the Portola Presidio founding, and I wasn't aware of the Serra monument when I visited.  So I have no photo of that.

36.606250, -121.895294

Plaque Information:

Site #1 = Private plaque

Serra landing place monument:

36.606250, -121.895294

Site #2 = Private plaque

Portola Presidio site:

36.604386, -121.895312

Plaque text:

Here, June 3, 1770, landed very Rev. Father Junipero Serra, O.S.E. and founded the following missions, San Diego, July 16, 1769, San Carlos Monterey, June 3, 1770, San Antonio de Padua, July 14, 1771, San Gabriel, Sept 8, 1771, San Luis Obispo, Sept 1, 1772, San Francisco de los Dolores, Oct 9, 1776, San Juan Capistrano, Nov 1, 1776, Santa Clara, Jan 18, 1777, San Buenaventura, Mar 21, 1782, and died Aug 28, 1784, in San Carlos mission, Carmelo Valley.  "As the Lord liveth, even what my God saith that will I speak." 2 Chron. 18th chap, 13th verse.

This monument erected by Jane L. Stanford, in the year 1891.  In memory of Father Junipero Serra, a philanthropist seeking the welfare of the humblest, a hero daring and ready to sacrifice himself for the good of his fellow beings, a faithful servant of his master.

Plaque text:

On June 3 1770 near this spot Don Gaspar de Portola, soldier explorer patriot of Spain, founded the presidio and settlement of Monterey.

Tablet placed by California Centennial Commission. Base provided by Monterey History & Art Association. Dedicated June 3 1949.

OHP Description:

Having entered the harbor the previous evening with his three small vessels, Sebastian Vizcaino landed here on December 17, 1602. Mass was sung by three Carmelite friars and the country taken in the name of the King of Spain. On the same spot, Fray Junípero Serra landed from the San Antonio on June 3, 1770 to join Captain Gaspar de Portolá and Fray Juan Crespí, who had arrived from San Diego overland a week before, in founding the Mission San Carlos de Borroméo de Monterey and the Presidio of Monterey.

Registered 1/31/1934