#0519 Bell's Bridge


#0519 Bell's Bridge

Site information:

SW corner of Clear Creek Rd and 273

This location description is from the OHP, and was the location of the former plaque, which is now missing.  The actual site of the bridge was somewhere on Clear Creek, which is south of this point.  Nothing remains of the site, as far as I know.

40.516179, -122.381543

Plaque information:

Plaque is missing

OHP description:

Erected in 1851 by J. J. Bell, this was an important toll bridge on the road from Shasta City to Tehama. Bell's Mansion, erected in 1859 on Clear Creek, was a favorite stopping place for miners on their way to the Shasta, Trinity, and Siskiyou gold fields.

Registered 5/28/1954