#0948 Site of Blythe Intake


#0948 Site of Blythe Intake

Site information:

Hwy 95, 4.5 mi N of Blythe at entrance to Palo Verde Diversion Dam

Site of the actual dam

Plaque information:

State plaque was missing when I visited

Private plaque

Plaque text:

Palo Verde Irrigation District Diversion Dam 1957-2007

Dedicated to the many pioneers that recognized the potential and value to our Valley of a gravity irrigation system, and the sacrifices made obtaining it. In particular, to honor the following three persons, whose contributions uniquely contributed to the construction of our Dam, and to the early development of the Palo Verde valley:

O.P. Calloway (1820-1880) The adventurer-explorer who had the original vision of a vibrant Palo Verde Valley, fed by the waters of the Colorado River.

Ed Williams (1866-1954) Without whose early efforts in fighting an untamed river, the Valley may have been lost to the elements and forces of nature.

Wayne H. Fisher (1892-1962) Without whose effors in re-organizing and re-financing the Valley during the Great Depression, our farmers may have been lost to despair and bankruptcy.

OHP description:

On July 17, 1877, Thomas Blythe, a San Francisco financier, filed the first legal claim for Colorado River water rights. Oliver Callaway planned a diversion dam and canal which opened in 1877 to irrigate the Palo Verde Valley. This made possible the settlement and development of the valley.

Registered 3/1/1982