#1009 Ramona Bowl, Site of the Ramona Pageant


#1009 Ramona Bowl, Site of the Ramona Pageant

Site information:

27400 Ramona Bowl Rd, Hemet

Ramona Bowl is privately owned, and only accessible during operating hours.  The plaque is visible through the gate, or at least it was when I visited.


Plaque information:

State plaque

Plaque text:


Within this valley was laid part of the scene, and here resided a number of the characters portrayed in Helen Hunt Jackson's historical novel, 'Ramona,' which depicted life and presented the status of the Indians on many great ranchos in early California beginning around the 1850s. The story, dramatized by the late Garnet Holme, was first presented on this site April 13, 1923, becoming an annual event.

Marker placed by California Centennial Commission in cooperation with Ramona Pageant Association, Inc. Dedicated April 22, 1950.

Registered 2/16/1993