#0028 Maiden's Grave


#0028 Maiden's Grave

Site information:

State Hwy 88 (P.M. 61.3)


Plaque information:

Private plaques

Plaque text:

Broken dreams and hope, carried 2000 miles through scorching deserts and over lofty mountains. At last... the sight of the promise land. Those of you who visit this grave carry a torch of love and hope (which this young girl lost), and pass it on, to generations unborn. Rechall Melton was laid to rest here, on a cold and frosty morning, Oct. 4, 1850. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

Plaque text:

Rachael Melton. Died Oct. 4, 1850. Native of Iowa. Erected by guests at Kirkwood 1908

OHP description:

It is said that in 1850 a young girl, Rachel Melton, native of Iowa, was accompanying her parents on a journey West via covered wagon train when she became violently ill. Camp was made and every effort was made to cure her, as she was the joy of the party, but she passed away and was buried on this spot.

Registered 8/1/1932