#0029 Volcano


#0029 Volcano

Site information:

Main and Consolation Sts, Volcano


Plaque information:

State plaque and multiple private plaques

State plaque text:

Volcano - 4 Miles

Started in 1848 by soldiers of Colonel Stevenson's regiment. Named by miners because of apparent volcanic appearance. here the first California rental library, 1850, was established, and one of the first "Little Theaters" founded by the "Volcano Thespian Society", 1854. Interesting Civil War history.

Department of Public Works - Division of Highways

State plaque adendum text:

Volcano - Right Here!

1934 plaque placed in Pine Grove as "obituary" when planned dam would flood Volcano. Geology & water rights negated plan. So Volcano didn't drown. Not by a dam site!

Dedicated July 5, 1980. Volcano Business & Professional Association, James W. Marshall Chapter No. 49 E Clampus Vitus, Upcountry 88 Lions.

Private plaque text:


Discovered in 1848 by Colonel Stevenson's men who mined Soldiers' Gulch in '49. First covered wagon party sluiced rich gravel beds. By '53, men swarmed flats and gulches naming them picturesquely. Hydraulic operations, begun in '55, brought thousands of fortune seekers to form town of 17 hotels, library, theaters, and courts of quick justice. During Civil War, Volcano gold served the Union, "Volcano Blues" smuggled cannon "Old Abe" in by hearse to quell rebels. Mellow with memories, this birthplace of General Liversedge, whose marines raised our flag on Iwo Jima, honors its heroes with annual pageantry in Soldiers' Gulch.

Amador County Historical Society, 1948.

Registered 8/1/1932