#0034 Pioneer Hall


#0034 Pioneer Hall

Site information:

113 Main St, Jackson


Plaque information:

Private plaque

Plaque text:

The order of Native Daughters of the Golden West was organized on these premises, the site of the Pioneer Hall on September 11, 1886. This tablet is placed in memory of the founding of the Order by Ursula Parlor No. 1, N.D.G.W. "The Mother Parlor" April 12, 1932.

Charter Roll. The thirteen original signers (Sept. 11, 1886) Lilly O. Reichling (Dyer), Founder. Ellen Boarman (Harrington), Maggie Stasal, Nellie Fontenrose, Emmay Boarman (Wright), Amy Hadere (Crittenden), Kitty Murray, Agnes Leonard, Celia Murray, Hettie Greenhalgh (O'Neill), Flora Dunning (Podesta), Rose Genaro (Carley).

Additional signers to closing of charter Oct. 29, 1886. Tina L. Kane, past Grand President, Ella E. Caminetti, past Grand President, Olga Reichling (Obert), Christina Rickert (Charleston), Nellie Sanborn (Rutherford), Flora Seymour, Mary Webb, Clara Kent Agard, Kate Delahide, Mattie L. Freeman, Annie Fullen (Magee), Mary W. Folger (Bowers), Mellie Peek, Rose Kelley (Inch), Maggie McDonald, Alma Olmstead (Goerecke), Alice Peek (Jones).

Registered 8/1/1932