#0040 Kirkwood's


#0040 Kirkwood's

Site information:

State Hwy 88 (P.M. 71.8), Kirkwood


Plaque information:

Private plaque

Plaque text:


This building has been the pioneer home of the Kirkwood and Taylor families since it was built by Zachary Kirkwood in 1864. This building was one of the first resorts operated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Dedicated by E. Clampus Vitus James W. Marshall, No. 49 Sept. 30, 1966

OHP description:

Resort, stage station, and post office were originally built by Zack Kirkwood in 1864. When Alpine County was formed from Amador County, the division left the barn and milkhouse in Alpine, while the Alpine-El Dorado line went directly through the barroom of the inn.

Registered 8/1/1932