#0619 Holcomb Valley


#0619 Holcomb Valley

Site information:

Site is on Holcomb Valley Rd, or Rd No. 3N16, N of Big Bear City.


Plaque information:

State plaque located at Big Bear Valley Historical Society Museum in Big Bear City Park on Green Way Dr. 


A private plaque is located in the valley itself.

State plaque text:

Holcomb Valley

Southern California's largest gold rush followed the discovery of rich placer deposits by William F. Holcomb and Ben Choteau on May 4, 1860. Miners rushed to the valley and established boom towns. Belleville, the largest, rivaled San Bernardino in population and almost became the county seat. Violence and hangings were common in this remote valley. Over time, major placer and quartz mining declined although some activity continues today.

Originally registered July 26, 1957. Plaque placed by teh State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with Billy Holcomb Chapter of E Clampus Vitus. Big Bear Valley Historical Society, and U.S. Forest Service, May 6, 1990.

Private plaque text:

Bellevill Holcomb Valley.

Founded in late 1859 Bellevill was named after Belle Van Dusen, the first child born in Holcomb Valley, she was the daughter of Ted Van Dusen, the town blacksmith and early pioneer.

Billy Holcomb Chapter E. Campus Vitus Oct. 1979

Registered 9/11/1957