#0440 Alameda Terminal of the First Transcontinental Railroad


#0440 Alameda Terminal of the First Transcontinental Railroad

Site information:

On W Mall Squre, between Lexington and Saratoga St, Alameda

Nothing remains of this site, as far as I know.


Plaque information:

There is a private plaque at the site location above.  There is also a state plaque located at the NW corner of Lincoln and Webster Sts, Alameda.


State plaque text:

First Transcontinental Railroad

On September 6, 1869 first transcontinental railroad train linking two great oceans, and consisting of twelve cars and three locomotives passed here on way to a wharf terminal west of here, a location now covered by lagoon for take-off trans-pacific planes, and within confines, present U.S. Naval Air Station. Original celebration held near this spot.

Erected by California Centennials Commission in cooperation with the Alameda Historical Society. Dedicated 1951.

Private plaque text:

This plaque marks the terminus of the First Transcontinental Passenger train that started in New York City and terminated at Alameda Point Pier On September 6, 1869.

Erected by the U.S. Naval Air Station, Alameda in cooperation with the Alameda Historical Society Dedicated Aug. 22, 1953.

This railroad historical marker sponsored by teh Naval Air Station Association, Alameda, California, 1952

OHP description:

With the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862 authorizing construction of a railroad and telegraph line, the first concentration of activity was east of Sacramento. Subsequently the line was opened from Sacramento to San Jose. During June 1869 construction was started near Niles, and by August a temporary connection had been made at San Leandro with the San Francisco and Alameda Railroad. On September 6, 1869, the first Central Pacific train reached San Francisco Bay at Alameda.

Registered 6/8/1949