#1025 Ukraina, Site of Agapius Honcharenko Farmstead


#1025 Ukraina, Site of Agapius Honcharenko Farmstead

Site information:

Garin Regional Park, end of Garin Ave, Hayward


Plaque information:

State plaque is at the gravesite, which is most easily accessed from Carden Lane, and requires some walking. See GPS coordinates for exact location.


Plaque text:


"Ukraina" is the site of the farm and burial place of the Ukrainian patriot and exiled orthodox priest Agapius Honcharenko (1832-1916) and his wife Albina. Honcharenko was the first nationally conscious Ukrainian to arrive in the United States. He published the first American newspaper in Russian and Ukrainian languages, The Alaska Herald, from 1868-1872. He wrote the first book for the educational use of Native Alaskans. After moving here from San Francisco in 1873, He continued to publish political literature, which was smuggled into Czarist Russia. Honcharenko was a prominent scholar, humanitarian, and early champion for human rights.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the East Bay Regional Park District and the Ukranian Community of California, May 15, 1999.

Registered 11/24/1997