#0830 Old Town San Diego State Historic Park


#0830 Old Town San Diego State Historic Park

Site information:

4016 Wallace St, Old Town, San Diego

The landmark commemorates the whole park.  This is the location of the plaque.


Plaque information:

State plaque

Plaque text:

Old Town State Historic Park

Settled by pensioned soldiers from the presidio and their families, Old Town grew into a cluster of adobe houses and garden plots in the early 1800s. By 1835, 'it was composed of about 40 dark brown looking huts.' The Stars and Stripes was first raised over the plaza in 1846 by Marines from the U.S.S. Cyane.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the local civic and historical organizations, August 20, 1969
Registered 5/29/1969