#0763 Lassen Emigrant Trail, Bieber


#0763 Lassen Emigrant Trail, Bieber

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NE corner Veterans Ave and Bridge St, Bieber


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State plaque

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Lassen Emigrant Trail

Peter Lassen opened the Lassen Emigrant Trail in 1848 when he led a 12-wagon emigrant train from Missouri to California. The route, which passed near this place, was extensively traveled during the years 1848-53 by emigrants seeking gold, adventure, and a new life in the west - but because of the hardships of the route and the hostility of the Indians, the trail was little used after 1853.

Plaque placed by the California State Park Commission in cooperation with the Bieber and Lassen County Chambers of Commerce and Lassen County Historical Society, September 10, 1961.

Registered 4/28/1961