#0500 Eastern Terminus of Clay Street Hill Railroad


#0500 Eastern Terminus of Clay Street Hill Railroad

Site information:

Portsmouth Plaza, Clay and Kearny, San Francisco

Nothing remains of this site, as far as I know.


Plaque information:

Private plaque

Plaque text:

Andrew Smith Hallidie

Site of the eastern terminus, first street cars in the world propelled by cable.

Commenced operation August 1, 1873. Ceased February 15, 1942. Invented and installed by Andrew S. Halladie, born London, England March 16, 1836. Died San Francisco, April 24, 1900. Pioneer manufacturer of wire cables, Regent University of California, twice member Board of Freeholders for drafting proposed city charter, served on first Board of Trustees, 1878, of the San Francisco Public Library.

Registered state landmark No. 500, Tablet placed by the California State Park Commission. Base furnished by friends of Andrew S. Hallidie.

OHP description:

The Clay Street Hill Railroad Company, the first cable railroad system in the world, was invented and installed by Andrew S. Hallidie. It started operation on August 1, 1873 and ceased on February 15, 1942.

Registered 12/16/1952