#0129 Fort Tejon


#0129 Fort Tejon

Site information:

Fort Tejón State Historic Park, on Lebec Rd, 2.8 mi N of Lebec

Access to the site is restricted to operating hours. Plaque is accessible at any time.


Plaque information:

State plaque

Plaque text:

Fort Tejon

This military post was established by the United States Army on June 24, 1854, to suppress stock rustling and for the protection of Indians in the San Joaquin Valley. As regimental headquarters of the First Dragoons, Fort Tejon was an important military, social, and political center. Camels for transportation were introduced here in 1858. The fort was abandoned September 11, 1864

Marker placed by California State Parks Commission in cooperation with Kern County Historical Society, El Tejon Parlor No. 289 N.D.G.W., Bakersfield Parlor No. 42 N.S.G.W. and Kern County Museum. Dedicated October 10, 1954

Registered 1/31/1934