#0498 McKittrick Brea Pit


#0498 McKittrick Brea Pit

Site information:

SW corner of intersection of State Hwy 33 and State Hwy 58, 0.5 mi S of McKittrick

Plaque states the site is to the west of here, though it's unclear exactly where, or what of it still exists.


Plaque information:

A new state plaque was installed in March 2021.   The older, less attractive plaque can be seen in photos 3 & 4.

Plaque text:

McKittrick Brea Pit

Located one-eighth mile west of here is an ancient asphaltum seepage in which hundreds of Pleistocene Age (15,000-50,000 years ago) birds, insects, and animals were trapped. The skeletal remains found in the pit include giant condors, giant long-horned bison, Harlan's ground sloth, western camel, dire wolf, and saber-toothed cats; just some of the extinct animals that once called Kern County home.  The site was first explored in 1928 by the University of California, and again in 1933 by the Smithsonian Institute, which employed 200 workers from the Civilian Works Administration. A final excavation was completed in 1949 by the Los Angeles and Kern County museums.

Kern County Historical Society in cooperation with California State Parks. Dedicated 1952, Re-Dedicated 2021

Registered 12/4/1951